Two arrested for trafficking Spice

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – On Friday, May 9, officers of the Mobile Police Department held another ‘hotspot’ policing operation.

One of the biggest topics of conversation recently within the City of Mobile is ‘spice,’ or synthetic marijuana. Several deaths in our area are believed to be connected to the dangerous drug, and at least four local high school students have been hospitalized.

Two people remain behind bars Monday night, May 5, after police said they were caught selling ‘spice.’ But that was not all they were accused of.

It is all part of Police Chief James Barber’s plan for ‘hotspot’ policing. The latest raid happened early Friday morning at the Peach Place Inn apartments on Jeff Hamilton Road. Residents who live nearby told FOX10 News this type of activity is not surprise…and they are glad to see it stopped.

Chief Barber said this type of policing effort is more effective when it comes to keeping you safe.

“This is part of the hotspot policing operation that has been enforced by Chief Barber. He’s been targeting areas that are known for high crime and drug activity,” said officer Terence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department.

On Friday morning, officers seized marijuana and crack cocaine, prescription and non-prescription drugs and analog marijuana, or ‘spice.’ It is something police Chief James Barber recently called an epidemic.

Now it is off the streets in one West Mobile neighborhood. Robert Hester Jr.,36, and Sonja Clemons, 40, were both arrested for trafficking Spice. Terrence Malone, 37, was also arrested for drug related charges.

“It is one of the top drugs that we are combating actively and fighting aggressively. The ones that are out there using it, it’s very dangerous and we have had several people die from ingesting,” said Perkins.

Residents told FOX10 News the police department does a good job patrolling the area. Police officials said you can expect to see this type of operation again in the near future in another crime-ridden part of the city.

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