Officer: HS football player possibly on spice when shot by his dad

Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer said a 17-year-old McIntosh HS football player, who was shot and killed Friday, was on suspension from school the day of the shooting.

A law enforcement officer told FOX10 News friends reported the teen was on spice when he was shot and killed by his father.

Deputies said 17-year-old Darius Adams got home about 2 a.m. Friday and was acting strangely so his father reportedly went to get a pistol to scare him. “Not a good pistol just a cheap pistol. When he comes back, he says he wanted to try to scare the boy and he cocked the pistol. Whether he was holding his finger on the trigger, I don’t know but the gun he says went off and shot him,” said Sheriff Stringer. Darius was shot in the stomach and life flighted to a Mobile hospital where he died.

“It was hard on all of us here in McIntosh. We’re all like family, so when you lose somebody, it hurts everybody. Nothing like that usually happens around here,” said a relative of the family’s, Horace Thomas.Thomas said the father, Sexton Adams, is a hard working church going man. Right now, he’s not facing any charges. “After several interviews, this man would have never taken his son’s life unless he had to or it was an accident,” Sheriff Stringer said.

FOX10 News visited the family’s house to see how they were doing but they were not home. Thomas said he sat and talked with Sexton and his wife. He said it’s hard on the family right now but they’re “doing fine”.

Investigators won’t know if Darius had smoked spice until the forensic lab results come in. If it’s proven spice was involved in this case, it would be the latest incident in what local law enforcement officials are calling an epidemic.

It was nearly three weeks ago when a local doctor contacted FOX10 News about a dramatic increase in emergency cases of patients reacting to synthetic marijuana. Since then, at least three adults have died after apparent Spice use: two in Mobile, and one in Baldwin County. Some baker high school students were also taken to the hospital after reactions to Spice.

Adam’s case is headed to a grand jury

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