Shop Amazon with Twitter

Amazon shoppers are getting a new outlet for filling their virtual carts: Twitter!

Amazon has teamed up with the popular micro-blogging site to offer users another convenient way to shop.

Users must link their Twitter and Amazon accounts to use the service. Just look under your Amazon account settings and confirm that requests from your Twitter account should be added to your shopping cart.

When you find a tweet with something you like from Amazon, add #AmazonCart to your reply. The online giant will then add the items to your shopping cart –automatically. You’ll get a reply tweet from @MyAmazon describing the status, like whether it’s in stock, so you know the request went through.

To be clear you are not buying the items when you reply #AmazonCart, it just saves it to your cart.

Keep in mind there are no secrets on twitter, unless your account is marked private the content is public. So anyone with access to your Twitter timeline, can see those AmazonCart replies. Something to consider if you don’t want anyone to know what you are shopping for.

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