Screen-Free Week Starts Today!

Snapchat has rolled out its biggest update yet. Now users can send actual text and video messages along with their short picture and video chats. The update seems like an attack on market leader Facebook and its messenger service, as well as its recent acquisition of Whatsapp.

Turn off your digital devices! Screen-free week begins today. It’s a seven day celebration of life without screen-based amusements, but you can still use screen devices for work and homework. Families are encouraged to trade their digital entertainment for more time playing, reading and connecting with nature. Screen-free week is organized by the campaign for a commercial-free childhood.

And, a federal jury ruled Samsung must pay Apple nearly 120 million dollars. Friday’s ruling is the latest development in the long-running legal battle between the tech giants. Apple accused Samsung of patent infringement in its smart phone technology. But the ruling wasn’t a total victory for Apple, which sought a much higher amount from Samsung. Either party can file an appeal.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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