Baker HS teacher, husband appear in court

MOBILE, Ala. – MOBILE, Ala. – A Baker High School teacher and her husband were in court this morning for their preliminary hearing on burglary charges. Prosecutors believe Terry Perry and her husband are linked to nearly a dozen burglaries in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Investigators told a judge Monday how they caught up with the pair and where they found thousands of dollars in stolen property.

The James and Terry Perry have been free on bond since their arrest last month on receiving stolen property and burglary charges. Prosecutors said the pair targeted local contractors stealing appliances, light fixtures, and other materials from new home construction sites.

Police told the judge during a preliminary hearing Monday, a neighbor in a new subdivision on Raspberry Lane became suspicious when he saw a man and woman carrying something from a house on March 27th. The neighbor was walking his dog, and wrote down the tag number. When police checked the tag it came back registered to Terry Perry, a teacher at Baker High School.

When police went to the Perry’s home on Howell’s Ferry Road they discovered stolen property from numerous burglaries in two counties.

Dennis Knizley is representing James Perry. He said police didn’t have a warrant to search the Perrys’ property.

‘I think there will be search and seizure issues in the case. As most cases it’s more involved than what you hear the basics here at the preliminary hearing, but I think as the case develops you’ll here it’s more involved than what you heard today,” Knizley said.

Police said the couple’s daughter-in-law who lives at the house consented to the search.

After the hearing the Perrys went to check their property in Wilmer where they’re building a new house. Prosecutors said the pair was actually stealing from local contractors to help with their own building project.

Jeff Deen who is representing the teacher said there’s no evidence linking his client to the crimes.

“I think Ms. Perry who was at work most of the time, away from the home, and her husband is a mechanic and does work on a lot of things. There’s all kinds of things in the garage, and they’re building a new house things come and go and I just do see how they directly linked her to anything,” Deen said.

But prosecutors said the evidence comes from her husband who told police the two of them were together looking at the home on Raspberry in order to get ideas for their new home.

Of course, police and prosecutors contend the pair was looking for more than ideas. Nearly a thousand dollars in light fixtures from the house on Raspberry were found in the Perry’s new house. James Perry did get some good news from prosecutors who decided not to move forward on the resisting arrest and assault charges stemming from his arrest.

Their case is now headed to a grand jury. In the meantime, Terry Perry remains on paid administrative leave from her teaching job.

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