Salvation Army use ATVs to reach flood victims

Photo courtesy of Katie Emer, Salvation Army
Photo courtesy of Katie Emer, Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Mobile and in Pensacola have been working overtime going into flooded areas to help people who remain stranded by the high water.

Katie Emer of the Mobile Office of the Salvation Army told Fox10News they deployed ATVs filled with food, drinks and other relief supplies to many residents on the Gulf Coast who remain trapped in their homes.

This photograph, sent to us by Emer, shows a Salvation Army volunteer delivering cases of water and food to Santa Rosa Island residents who continue to recover from last week’s flooding and torrential rain.

Emer also said the Midwest Food Bank made a huge donation of goods to the Salvation Army.  “They generously donated 25 pallets with 18 food boxes each,” said Emer.  “Each box has enough food to sustain a family for two days, along with toiletries. We would really like to thank them for this generous donation that we will proudly get out to families in need.”

The Salvation Army is one of several groups who are reaching out to those families affected by the flooding.  Many roads and bridges on the Gulf Coast remain closed and repairs are underway to get those roadways back open.


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