Government Plaza to open Monday despite weekend fire

MOBILE, Ala. – If you’ve been summoned for jury duty in Mobile County this week, plan on reporting at your scheduled time Monday morning.
County officials say it will be business as usual at Government Plaza, despite a fire this weekend.

About 70 Mobile County Public works staff members worked along with contractors through the weekend to make sure Government Plaza would be ready to open for business Monday morning.

County Commission President Connie Hudson was surprised to see how much work had been accomplished since the 2-alarm fire early Saturday.

“I think people will be very surprised at how much clean up has taken place, and how good it looks at this point,” Hudson said.

Hudson met with the District Attorney and other county officials Sunday to determine if the north building would ready by Monday.

“We don’t expect it to impact our operations at all. The juries will report to the jury room and continue as they’ve been instructed to do,” Hudson said.

Hudson said fire investigators were able to narrow done the cause of the fire that set off the alarm around 3:30 Saturday morning.

“They believe it was related to the work that was done on the flashing. There was some hot tar that somehow ignited,that mad the metal very hot and it ignited some wood that was behind the metal, and nobody really knew that that wood was there. So, it was an accident,” she explained.

Numerous clean up contractors were on the scene quickly to start the cleanup. The owner of one local Service Master franchise said that was because trucks from several states were already in the area because of last weeks historic flood event.

Hudson said the damage is not expected to significantly delay completion of the roofing work on Government Plaza.

“They’re tell us maybe a week or so. It’s really an insignificant amount of time,” she said.

Hudson estimates the damage could cost several hundred thousand dollars. She said the roofing contractor’s insurance will foot the bill.

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