FBI train for active shooter exercise at Bel Air Mall

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – On Sunday evening, nearly 200 members of several emergency response agencies and role-players from the Mobile area collaborated for an active shooter exercise at Bel Air Mall.

It was the first of its kind on such a large scale at the mall. The scenario: a terrorist attack occurred in another part of the country, triggering a shooter to go on a rampage at the mall. Sunday night’s drill aimed to ensure the men and women in uniform know what to do…just in case.

“That’s what’s so important about an event like this is that we bring everyone together so the tactical operators from the county, the city, the FBI, we all work together in this situation…evidence response teams…we all work together so we can understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” said Chris Hacker, FBI Assistant Agent in charge.

“We have a year-long relationship with law enforcement and it’s important to cooperate in their efforts as well as for them to cooperate with our efforts. Obviously we’re aware that we need to be available to them when they need a facility,” said Tim Nolan, Bel Air Mall manager.

Mobile Police Department, Mobile Fire-Rescue Department, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, local Mobile FBI agents along with members of the US Attorney’s office and Homeland Security personnel were on hand to assist in the training.

The FBI will debrief all agencies to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the exercise.

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