Seminole flood victims get Red Cross relief

Saturday, May 3, workers and volunteers alike with the American Red Cross Baldwin County Branch headed to Seminole, Ala., to help flood victims whose homes have been destroyed due to recent severe thunderstorms.

“We’ll be handing out water, snacks, to those who are trying to work their way out of their homes, cleaning up debris and wet carpet, and the such,” said Derek Boulware, Baldwin County Branch Manager of the American Red Cross.

Several people of Seminole said they were happy to see the Red Cross. FOX10 spoke with countless victims of severe flash floods, including one man who is a double leg amputee, who was rescued out of his home Tuesday night by Seminole firefighters.

“They came about the same time the water was getting close to getting in the trailer, and they said they might not be able to get back to me because they had so much to do, so I appreciated them getting me and moving me out of there,” said Bill Thompson, the man rescued, “I didn’t think it was going to flood, but it did, I was wrong, it flooded pretty good.”

Other Seminole residents recall having to wade through waist-deep water in their yards to escape to dry land.

“So we went out the back door, waded through the yard, which was about waist-deep high in water and pouring cold rain, and it was something that I hope we never have to repeat,” said Wesley Carter, a Seminole flood victim.

Just last night, FEMA support was granted for Baldwin County, so now flood victims in Baldwin County are able to apply for relief money.

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