30 Teams in 30 Days: Mary G. Montgomery Vikings

It’s a new day in Semmes for the Mary G. Montgomery football program. After a struggling 2-8 season a year ago, the Vikings are ready to get back on track with a new head coach, Mike Dean.

“First day Coach Dean got there, I could automatically tell that there was a whole different type of thing we was trying to do than the other coaches, positive attitude all the time, aggressive attitude all the time – which is what we need in our facility because it’s just been lacking good leadership,” said junior LB, Patrick Khalefih.

PHOTOS: 30 Teams in 30 Days

“He’s actually amazing. Well, I actually think that he’s the best coach in Mobile County personally, but I think that we can actually do it. Over the year, a lot of people have been sleep on MGM but this year, we gonna do it,” said senior OLB/DE, William Roberts.

“It has nothing to do about me; it’ll never have anything to do about me. I’m honored that they have that much confidence in me, the key is do they have confidence in themselves. You can come in with every scheme, every plan, every offensive scheme, defensive scheme, we’re working; if they do not believe, they’ve lost already,” said Dean.

The Vikings haven’t been to the post-season since 2002, but the spring season and new coach allows for a fresh start. MGM will join the new Class 7A Region 1, alongside Alma Bryant, Baker, Davidson, Fairhope, Foley, McGill-Toolen, Murphy and Theodore.

“You’ve got to beat the same teams to get in the playoffs. Your opponent is MGM. That’s been your biggest opponent from day one because you didn’t believe you could win to begin with. So it hasn’t been McGill, it hasn’t been Murphy – you didn’t think you could beat them from day one. So why are you making excuses, we’re now 7A? You didn’t believe to begin with, not with me, I’m not going to allow that or you’re not going to be on the team to begin with. Failure’s not an option,” said Dean.

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