Styx River flooding recovery

Styx River Recovery

The recent historic rainfall has left a mess behind for folks along the Styx River in Baldwin County. The river crested four feet above major flood stage, just below the record set by Hurricane Danny.

At the River’s Roost, owner Ginger Wilson said water flooded her restaurant chest deep.

She told us, “Today’s the first day it’s actually gone down enough to get in here and do anything.”

Coolers, ovens and nearly everything inside is a complete loss.

“Just have to start from scratch. We’re just hoping we can save the building,” Wilson said.

Floating Motorhomes

At the Riverside RV Resort, the water came up too quickly to get some of the motor homes out of the way. One of the large vehicles floated around, taking out equipment along the way.

Craig Somerville, a maintenance worker at Riverside RV Resort, described what happened.

He said, “That thing started coming up like a cardboard box and it started moving around, and it finally come around and it took out a power pole and a water main.”

Riverside manager Sandy Newman told us the water covered every square inch of the resort several feet deep. Now they’re working hard to get back open.

“They’re working right now at it fixing both water pipes and getting electricity back up,” Newman said. “We’ll be back in business.”

Back at the River’s Roost, there’s the same determination.

“We’re going to come back,” Wilson said. “Whatever it takes.”

FOX10 News will continue to follow up with the recovery along the Styx River and let you know when they’re back in business.

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