Seasons in the Sun Farms

The folks from Seasons in the Sun Farms joined us on Studio10 to tell us a little bit about who they are, what they do and how their farming techniques and services could benefit you.

The information below was provided by Seasons on the Sun Farms:

CSA…… Community Supported Agriculture brings the farmers who grow and raise the foods you eat directly to the families.

We are a NON GMO all natural and organic as possible farm!!!!!!

We raise chickens, quail, turkeys and ducks, and we partner in with other farmers to help them get their goods directly to the families…as in butter, cheese, beef, pork, lamb, etc.

We are also partnered in with a farm in south Florida (Seasons Farm Fresh) and this way we can also offer foods at times of the year here where they would not or could not be grown and also tropical fruits that are not grown here. That farm is also a natural and as organic as possible farm. In turn we are able to take produce down there for that CSA that they are not able to grow because of its climate….such as lettuces, kale, swiss chard, and all of our hydroponic produce not to mention blueberries and black berries that are just not grown down there.

Partnering with other farms and farmers helps get more variety from the farm direct to the user. Its healthier because there are no pesticides and herbacides and also because it is GMO free. No preserivtivies sprayed on the produce….therefore no cancer causing effects from eating it.

You would be surprised at how much better a person feels from just eating better. And you can not make this leap by just going by the produce section of your local store. It may say organic…but what country is it grown in…and what guidelines did they follow. And everything coming from another country to this one is ALWAYS sprayed before it enters across the boarder….to kill what ever pest infestation that country is or has been having issues with. The ONLY time you KNOW for sure what you are eating is…IF YOU KNOW FOR SURE THE FARMER WHO GREW IT!
It is a trust relationship….and the fact that you can go by and see the farm to see for yourself.

Seasons In The Sun Hydroponic Farm and CSA
13006 Jenkins Pit Rd.
Spanish Fort, AL 36527

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