Troopers ID man killed after driving into culvert


Alabama State Troopers have identified the driver involved in a fatal car crash in Lillian, AL as 91 year old Charles Hillard Higdon of Lillian.  Higdon was killed when officials say he drove his car through a barricade and into a washed out section of highway. It happened on County Road 91 at Carrier Drive in Lillian just before 11:00 Friday morning, May 2, 2014. This is the second confirmed storm related fatality in Baldwin County this week.

Officials said Higdon lived on Soldiers Creek Drive just south of the accident scene. Gerald Mickelsen lives just up the road and heard the impact.

“A travel trailer was making a right down there on West Carrier coming out and right after that I heard a loud bang and I thought that travel trailer had run off that culvert so I come out here to look and they had got out of the vehicle and ran back behind them,” Mickelsen recalled.  “Then I knew something ran and that’s when I seen the barricade laying down on the highway.”

Higdon was pronounced dead at the scene. Baldwin County Coroner, Stan Vinson said it’s too early to tell if there may have been other factors like medical conditions that may have contributed to the tragic accident, but that may be a possibility.

“There were some friends that stopped by and said that he has had some medical issues so that could be part of it.  We don’t know yet,” Vinson said

Vinson went on to say that it didn’t appear the driver was wearing a seatbelt.

“The impact was quite severe,” noted Vinson.  “The front of the car is badly damaged.”

Baldwin County Emergency Management Director, Mitchell Sims says that the Highway Department is still finding damage because it’s so extensive and is urging drivers to continue to be extra cautious. He said in times like this, we all need to look out for one another.

“Our prayers and our thoughts are with the families, but these are some tragic…this has been a tragic week for our county so we would seek to get prayers and thoughts from everybody and be helping each other out.  Watch out for your neighbor and let’s help each other,”

An autopsy will be performed by the Alabama Department of Forensic Science and hopefully that may shed some light on what may have led to the deadly accident.

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