Daphne City Council holds emergency meeting

The City of Daphne called an emergency council meeting tonight to fix some badly damaged roadways after this week’s severe rainstorms.

Daphne is going to fix two of the hardest-hit roadways, Camellia Lane and Ridgewood Drive.

It will cost the city some $150,000 dollars, which will come out of the city’s gas tax fund, a fund that is earmarked for roadway improvements, according to the mayor.

Mayor Dane Haygood of Daphne said he’s hoping the city will later be reimbursed by the Natural Resource Conservation Service and FEMA.

“We are hopeful that it will be a reimbursable expense,” said Haygood.

The Daphne Public Works Director said that the piping and supports underneath this road, Camelia Lane, were already aging and deteriorating, so he’s going to be putting in new ones.

“Camelia basically, part of that system’s compromise was that it was a very old piece of infrastructure, a very old pipe made out of material that was put in place probably 50 to 60 years ago, and we got all of the serviceable life out of it,” said Richard Johnson, Daphne Public Works Director, “It failed due to its age, so we’re replacing that with new concrete pipe, and strengthening the shoulders, and repaving the road, and we should get a good long service life out of it as well.”

Daphne has some 23 different areas of damage around the city that were addressed at the meeting, and some 27 homes that were flooded.

But, despite all of that, the mayor says he’s really seen the community come together, and he’s happy to help out.

“To see the community rallying around, and to try to help our citizens, it’s been an uplifting experience considering the circumstances,” said Mayor Haygood.


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