30 Teams in 30 Days: Williamson Lions

Last season was far from a success for Williamson football. The Lions finished the 2013 season with one win, only due to a forfeit. The good news about that: the only way to go is up. A once-powerhouse program, Williamson hasn’t seen post-season play since 2007, but a fresh start begins with spring practice.

“I really can’t explain it, this is the best time. It’s really one of the hardest times because you have to put more work in than you really every have,” said senior LB/FB, Harry Holmes.

PHOTOS: 30 Teams in 30 Days

“This is what we call grind time. My best part of grind time is the two-a-day. You lift weights and right after you go on the field and train,” said junior RB/LB, Adrian Portlock.

“I’d kind of rather be doing that right now actually, to be honest. I have so much adrenalin when it just comes to hitting people and you really release a lot of angry or anything, that’s why I like playing defense because you can really express yourself through the position,” said Holmes.

Williamson head coach Dedrick Sumpter enters his third season with the Lions. Sumpter broke down the needed changes for success this season.

“Really on defense, just to become more physical and also become better tacklers because we were so young last year; that’s why we gave up so many points. We lost 26 seniors the year before so all those guys that came in were very young. So now we come back with a veteran defense, now we’re on the move too, over there. And we have like three major division one prospects on that side of the ball. Offense is the same as well, like I said, we Adrian back who is a major prospect. We have Jeremy Hickbottom who is a 6-5 QB, division one major prospect, so both sides of the ball. I think we’re going to surprise them, not to brag, but they’re going to be very surprised,” said Sumpter.

Williamson didn’t back down from a tough schedule this season. The Lions non-region games include 6A Blount and 7A Baker.

“Each one of those schools have to go through that rebuilding process themselves. Each one of those programs are great programs, but each one has to rebuild also – so I look forward to playing them. I’ve got some really good friends with a lot of them, it’s great to be in this region. It tells a lot about Mobile,” said Sumpter.

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