Theodore woman’s home floods twice


Deborah Baber of Theodore has had a rough couple of days. A creek behind her house flows into Fowl River. essentially the river and the creek became one flooding her property with several feet of water in two stages.

Baber spent the Thursday moving all her possessions outside to dry out. Each item a little piece of her life she’s trying to salvage.

She pointed out what she was trying to save, “Clothes,pictures, records, valuables you know.”

Barber has also had to search the nearby woods for the things the flood took away.

“Everything floated off. Into the back,” Baber said.


We first met Baber Tuesday morning after the first round of rain.  At that point, her yard was already a mess, fortunately for her she decided not to ride out the second round of rain.

“I left,” she said. “I went and got a room. I didn’t want to be here when it flooded. I’ve been here before and this is worse and this wasn’t a hurricane just a lot of rain.”

When she came back there was no yard, her pictures she shared with us show a body of water with no ground to be seen.

“That was a lake. I’ve never seen this.”

Baber has picked up the pieces before, but after this historic deluge it’s a much bigger mess than she ever expected.


Baber has dealt with flooding on her property many times over the years. But this time the sheer volume and speed took her by surprise and left her little time to prepare.

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