Road & storm damage repairs continue throughout Mobile County

FOX10 News is continuing to follow clean up after historic flooding along the Gulf Coast, May 1.

Locations in Mobile like Girby Road and McGregor Avenue were hit hard by Tuesday night’s severe weather. In Mobile County, no roads were affected as badly as some within the city.

“As of today, all of our county roads are open. Bellingrath was the last one. I think the real story here is what we didn’t have. The damage that we didn’t have. Our engineering department has spent the last 40 years getting ready and preparing for a storm like this as much as you possibly can. so we are in great shape compared to our neighbors in Baldwin County and other parts of the state,” said Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl.

Public Works Director Bill Harkins told FOX10 News on Thursday crews were hard at work, and have been since before the storms hit.

“My crews are out. They received from Monday through this morning about 300, 3-1-1 calls and have started to investigate for different types of washouts. We’ve had a few houses that have taken in some water. We’re going to investigate those. Also some yards that got some water. We are trying to see what caused it,” said Harkins.

Harkins said he did not know at this point how much repairs would cost, nor did he know an exact timeline but you can expect them to be closed for a few weeks. Harkins also said many trash cans, that are city-owned with identification numbers, have washed away and into other peoples yards. If you have lost yours, call 311 to report.

North of Moffet Road, Thomas Finch’s home was destroyed by water and mud that flowed from a burst retaining wall on MAWSS property. The scene looks like an old Western…desolate no sign of life with dirt and sand everywhere. Finch told FOX10 news the water line was over a foot in his home which sits behind the retention pond. He said on Tuesday night, the wall burst, sending water and mud towards his home. Now, he and his wife are staying in a hotel down the road.

Public affairs manager for MAWSS, Barbara Shaw issued this statement regarding the wall collapse:

“MAWSS is very concerned about what happened and for the couple whose home was impacted. This project is still under construction and we have told our contractor and engineering firm to make sure this issue is addressed immediately.”

FOX10 News will continue to monitor these situations for you and bring you updates as we receive them.

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