Cleanup efforts continue in Orange Beach

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) – It’s been a busy day of cleanup for Ono Island resident Richard Sanders. He, like many of his neighbors had to start pulling apart the lower levels of their homes to fix all the water damage.

“Our basement was flooded. We had to pull off all the baseboards, we’re going to have to cut back some sheet rock and replace that. And all the low-lying furniture, we’re having to get professionally cleaned,” Sanders said.

Sanders said he normally lives about an eighth of a mile from the water, but today the water still comes up to his back porch. But he said some neighbors have more to deal with than just rising water.

“Well, I’ve heard of several boats, I guess, Tuesday night being detached from their wharfs or their lifts and kind of floating about. People are having a tough time finding their boats,” Sanders said.

Three boats landed on shore near the Perdido Beach Resort. While Fox10 News was on the scene, a towing company came to pick up one of the boats. They said it floated all the way from Old River near Ono Island.

Farther down the road, the Flora-Bama Yacht Club was still airing out its dining area after taking on nearly three feet of water.

“We’ve had pressure washers in here, bleaching and cleaning all morning and fans going. Trying to dry it out, make it look like a restaurant again,” General Manager James Martin said.

Stephanie Hall and her friends were at the Yacht Club after traveling from Tupelo, Mississippi, where a deadly tornado struck. They were shocked to have walked into another natural disaster.

“Water was completely over the road and your could feel sliding and I thought for a second that maybe it was going to go over the edge. And I thought we’ve gone from bad to worse,” Hall said.

As for the two remaining boats, another crew was the midst of rescuing the one on the beach. The other was stuck on the nearby rock retaining wall and beach officials told Fox10 News they were unsure if the owner knew it was there.

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