Chilean Sea Bass Fish Tacos

Avacado – peeled, pitted and chunked
Red Onion –  diced
Fresh Lime Juice
Roma Tomatoes – peeled and deseeded, dice
Dried Mexican Chiles – softened, deseeded and stemmed

Fish Tacos:
Blue Corn Tortilla Shells
Chilean Sea Bass – 1/2 in. cubes
Mango – peeled, pitted, and chunked
Cilantro – rough chop for garnish
Tomatillo Salsa
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Lime Juice
Red Onion – sliced thin

Black Beans:
Chicken Broth
Black Beans
Red Onion – diced

Yellow Risotto with Saffron

Begin the prep the night before by rinsing and soaking black beans in water overnight. As water changes color, drain and repeat. Should be every couple hours. After final drain and rinse put to side until time to cook the next day.

Also, the dried chiles can be covered with water in pot and set to soften while the beans soak over night. You may also want to marinade the sea bass over night in balsamic vinegar and lime juice. 

Bring black beans, onion, and chicken broth to a soft boil and cook until tender. The cook time is greatly diminished thanks to the overnight soak and can be started early in the day on low simmer if desired.

While the guacamole can be made the day before, to help prevent color change, it may be preferred to do it an hour before service so it has time to chill. Peel and pit avacados then dice. Do the same with Roma tomatoes. Dice red onion. Place all three into mixing bowl. Take the softened chiles and cut into thin slices taking care to deseed and stem. Add in lime juice and mix. Cover in airtight container and chill until service.

For the sea bass, sauté in a non stick pan with olive oil until lightly browned and set to the side until plating. Will only take a few minutes to prevent over cooking.

To save time while maintaining flavor I’ve used a quality brand pre-made yellow rice risotto with saffron that can be found in The Fresh Markets grocery isles.

For plating, place in blue corn tortillas a layer of the sea bass topped by a drizzle of tomatillo salsa, followed with mango chunks, sliced red onion and cilantro. Finish with a few drops of lime juice and enjoy!

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