Baldwin’s recovery from historic rainfall

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – FOX10 News continues to follow up on the hardest hit areas from the recent historic rainfall.

It was a quiet morning along Fish River, although obvious signs of a not-so-quiet 48 hours was very apparent. Boats were either out of the water, or simply out of place, courtesy of a once raging river. Where water had once been on land, debris was left. Plenty of debris could also been seen floating in the waterway.

“We think the good weather is going to bring people out this weekend. They’re going to want to get on the waterways, the issues we have we have a lot of piers that were destroyed in the incident. We also had some vessels that are missing so there may be there under the water surface that we can’t see. We’re asking anyone that comes out on the inter-waterways, Fish River, Styx River, the Perdido River, that they please pay special attention,” Mack said.

Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack said after a very busy 48-hours of rescues and emergency calls, things are getting back to normal.

“Last night we’re very proud to report that we did not respond to any calls of storm-related issues. We did have increased patrols but no incidents,” said Mack.

Sheriff Mack said he hopes residents heed his warnings. While many dealt with flooding inside their homes, Baldwin County roadways took a beating as well. Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey told FOX10 News they’ve applied for federal assistance.

“Lillian is obviously going to be expensive to deal with. We’ve shut down a major area of traffic there. Emergency contracts will cost a little more money then if we were bidding out road projects further in the future. We’re in the millions of dollars no question but until we see some of the roads still under water and finish our bridge inspection we won’t know how much money we’re talking about,” said Dorsey.

A special meeting called by the chairman of the Baldwin County Commission is being held to award contracts for road repairs. Dorsey said a State of Emergency has been declared on both the county and state level, but he said a national declaration has been requested as well. Dorsey said once that is declared, that gets the ball rolling for federal assistance.

Sheriff Mack said the Alabama Highway Department will be out Thursday and possibly through the weekend to try to get a majority of the emergency repairs done as quickly as possible in order for major roadways to re-open.

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