Sinkhole survivor speaks

  MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – On Tuesday night, much of the Gulf Coast saw severe weather including heavy rain and flash floods. In the Spring Hill area of Mobile, a massive sinkhole on a heavily traveled road is now a reminder of what it all caused.

“It was very scary…I’ll tell you that,” said Leo Wallace.

Wallace was with his dad, driving north on McGregor last night, when the earth, all of a sudden, fell out beneath them.

“The car in front of us bounced a little. The back end went up about two feet in the air,” said Wallace.

He said at that point, the street began to crack.

“We were driving very smoothly and all of a sudden, the whole ditch caved in. And then all of sudden I closed my eyes and the airbag was in my face. My dad was screaming get out, get out because he thought it was going to cave in, like the whole thing. Cause it was raining really bad,” he said.

Leo and his dad went to the emergency room for precautionary measures. They are alright.

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