Road Problems in Mobile County


MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. –  The overnight rains created headaches for folks throughout Mobile County.
Many were left dodging sinkholes and flooded roads Wednesday morning.

Fox Ten News found a deceptively dangerous situation on Hamilton Blvd near San Marino Drive.

Hamilton was closed after someone reported a crack across the road, and water flowing under the highway.

A county worker who came out to inspect the situation fell waist deep into the ground when a sinkhole opened beneath him.

The worker was standing on the dirt just off the road when it happened.
Another worker helped the man out. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt.

Just about every yard on San Marino was flooded but residents were more worried about the heavy traffic that was being detoured onto to their street from Hamilton.

“They’re diverting all the 18-wheelers with all the heavy stuff on them down our road. This is swamp land to start with. We’re worried about it cracking, then we’re going to be stranded,” Sandy Artry said.

The folks on San Marino won’t have to worry about one 18 wheeler. The driver, Kenneth Weaver couldn’t make the sharp turn. Weaver said he would have to come up with a different strategy.

“It’s too sharp of a turn to make with this long trailer here,” Weaver said.

Our crew couldn’t get to Jessica Breland’s house on Davenport in Bayou LaBatre because her road was flooded. She may have been stranded, but we did spot several people who were willing to drive through the water.

Jyssica Stagner was one of them. Just moments after telling Fox Ten News she felt safe driving through the water covered street she ended up stuck in the middle of the road.

She had to call a friend to get her car out. She said she learned a tough lesson.

“I’m going to say right now, if you don’t got a truck, don’t come through here. It ain’t worth it. It’s not worth losing your vehicle over,” Stagner said.

The rain is gone, but it may take awhile to repair all the road damage.

Fortunately, there haven’t been any reports of serious injuries as a result of the road problems in Mobile County.

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