Homeowner: The back wall to the kitchen blew out

The foundation of Dale Silver’s home is gone. The backside of her brick house was washed away Tuesday night when storms hit the Pensacola area.

“The waters were humongous coming down Bayou Boulevard. There was probably two feet of water on my deck pouring in,” Dale said. She scampered around her home cleaning up water with a mop until about 4:30 in the morning. By then, it had stopped raining but the water was rushing straight through Silver’s backyard and the floor started to crumble underneath her.

“The floor starting cracking, the stone floor, it felt like an earthquake. On top of that, I smelled gas (and) the generator was floating away and finally the back wall to the kitchen blew out,” Silver said.

The entire backside of the home was gone. The island in the kitchen was hanging halfway out the back of the house teetering on the broken stone floor. Silver said she ran to pack her suitcase and threw clothes inside. “It was just so much water and a rush if like the river rapids the sped of the water just wiped everything out,” she said.
In the 21 years she’s lived at the home, Silver says she’s survived five hurricanes and lost a roof in one of them. This time though, she doesn’t know if the damage is repairable. So with no sleep and a lot of work ahead of her, Silver is moving furniture out of her home and saving what she can. “I was even able to save some of my paintings because I’m an artist,” she smiled.
She’s a watercolor artist who now sees water in an entirely new perspective. “Beware of the damage water can do,” she advised.

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