Homeowner: I just want to weep

Homeowners who live on Piedmont Road in Pensacola won’t be leaving their homes anytime soon. Not because they don’t want to, but they can’t. The street in front of their homes is gone. The severe thunderstorms Tuesday April 29 washed Piedmont Street away.

“The current was just going we were amazed looking at a river, a flooded river,” Indra Peredis said.

Peredis spent the day attempting to clean her home but it’s a large task. Her entire house was flooded.

“I just want to weep,” she said.

Others are trying to make sense of the destruction and figure out where to begin in picking up the pieces. But begin they have. Wednesday, the neighborhood community gathered around Trinity Presbyterian Church on Piedmont Road and shoveled dirt into a sink hole that nearly swallowed a lamp post. It’s long road to recovery, but a road they’re on together.

“The beauty is people have been going around asking are you okay do you need anything? We will get through it together. God is good,” the pastor of the church said.

“Something good is going to come out of this. I know it,” Peredis said. She said she’s thankful to have a roof over her head a food to eat. In the twenty years she’s lived on Piedmont, she’s made it through other storms and said she’ll make it through this one too.


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