Gulf Shores flood victims picking up the pieces

After severe thunderstorms raged through Pleasure Island Tuesday night, April 29, many homes, apartments, and cars were completely flooded.

Wednesday, hundreds of flood victims are ripping up carpets, getting out the shop vacs, and moving forward with the items they can salvage.

“People have lost so much more than I have, but you know at the same time, these are my things and I’ve worked hard for them,” said Lauree Robinson as she looked on at her destroyed home.

Robinson has owned her condo at the Dauphin Villas complex on East 1st in Gulf Shores for some two years, she says last night’s flooding was something she’s never seen.

“You know, it has rained for days before, and (the yard) will flood, and the road will flood, but it has never rained and flooded to this capacity,” she said, “(Tuesday’s rain) was historical, it was amazing.”

Nearly every resident living on the first floor of the complex had some water damage.

Even if residents were lucky enough to live upstairs, their cars were still in jeopardy. Many residents said the parking lot of Dauphin Villas looked more like a lake earlier Wednesday morning.

“Today, you could barely make it in the apartment complex, you could if you had a truck,” said Charlie Collins, whose apartment also flooded, “People were riding around in canoes in the parking lot.”

And Tuesday, folks were ripping up carpets, getting out the shop-vacs, and moving forward with whatever they could salvage.

The homeowner’s association of the complex also banded together to help rip out all the carpets and suck out all the water from the units.

The association even paid those who wanted to help an hourly wage to get the job done as quick as possible.

“Actually, it’s just really amazing how many people have pitched in just to get it done faster so everybody is comfortable and actually can sleep in their homes with carpet in it again,” said Collins, who helped out the association.

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