Dozens seek shelter from rain, floods

Water over road in Foley

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Flooding obviously made a big impact on Baldwin County. Flood damage caused the Baldwin County Commission to issue a state of emergency due to the extent of the damage. It also displaced a number of people from their homes.

“The way the water was coming in so fast, you know what I mean, I hope that everybody got out safely, if they could cause it was coming in really fast,” Levi Rew, a Magnolia Springs resident, said.

Rew’s home was one of many that was engulfed by the flood waters Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

“By the time my mom and me had grabbed some clothes, it had already gotten to her at waist deep,” Rew said.

He and other residents of the J&L River Apartments had to abandon their home late last night, leaving virtually everything behind.

When Rew returned to survey the damage this morning to find the water had risen almost to the roofs of several of the parked cars.

“If she would’ve played or we would’ve played around, it would’ve been, we would’ve probably gotten stuck, you know what I mean? We could’ve got knocked into that current and we could’ve got pushed out into that current into Magnolia Springs, in the river up there,” Rew said.

And Rew isn’t the only one who called the Baldwin County Coliseum in Robertsdale home Wednesday afternoon. Emergency crews rescued Larry Kolle from his Foley home when the Magnolia River started to rise.

“Well I was thinking that we’re going to lose everything and I just wanted to make sure that my wife and my neighbor was alright. Because we had to that the neighbor, they had to carry her down the hospital in Foley because they thought she had hypothermia because she was in the water up over her chest,” Kolle said.

At a meeting Wednesday morning at the Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency, Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack said they’re still checking on a number of people around the county.

“We still have some individuals that have not been contacted by family members. So we’re handling those on a one-on-one basis, going in and confirming whether those people evacuated or in fact are still at that residence,” Mack said.

As for Rew, he said at this point he and his mother just need to focus on picking themselves up again.

“We’re going to go forward, you know what I’m saying? We’re going to move forward strong and prove that we can’t be held down,” Rew said.

Emergency officials told Fox10 News that the shelters in Fairhope, Foley and Robertsdale held about 50 people at their peak. By Wednesday afternoon, that number was down to 14.

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