Car and driver fall 12 feet in road collapse


BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Perhaps one of the more amazing scenes in the wake of flooding in our area was near Lillian on Baldwin County Road 99.

Flood waters washed away a stretch of the road near the Arbor Ridge neighborhood and caused anxious moments for one driver.


A stretch of the roadway gave way between the Spanish Cove development and Arbor Ridge subdivision during bad weather.

Wednesday morning, April 30, you could still see a car about twelve feet below in a ditch.

Paul Hogan said he’s the maintenance supervisor for Spanish Cove and, from what he understands, a woman driving the car escaped without serious injuries.

Hogan said, “There was a gentleman here earlier when I came down who said that she climbed out. They threw her a rope, that’s my understanding.”


You could also see huge pipes under the road.

Hogan said, “Actually, they’re drainage tubes, and the water flows through, and, apparently, the waters got over the top and couldn’t handle it, so, the road gave way.”

The collapse is a big inconvenience for people who live near Spanish Cove.

But, people who live on the other side of County Road 99, in the Arbor Ridge subdivision, said they can’t get out of their neighborhood.


This is one of three road washouts in the same area.

Almost a mile away on County Road 99, the Peterson Branch creek overflowed near the entrance to Spanish Cove.

Peter Newhouse lives in Spanish Cove and said, “This is the second time I’ve seen it like this, but, this is the worst that’s ever done damage.”

Another person who lives in the area said, “That pump right there usually sits out in the middle. So, it picked it up and washed it against the trees. You can see the results of everything else.”


But, some people said they’ll remember the lighting and thunder from overnight more than anything else.

Darlene Valentz said, “The lightning was terrible. It sounded like a constant train from just lightning constantly.”

Lisa Gilley said, “That’s what I thought. I said I heard trains. It sounded like a train going through.”

Its not known how long it will take to repair the damage on County Road 99.

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