Residents blame huge “sinkhole” for flooding


Residents who live in apartments along Village Green Drive East said they received a rude awakening overnight.

The residents found a huge sinkhole on the side of the road, and they believe it may have been responsible for some apartments getting flooded.


Residents at Cedar Trace Apartments in the 600 block of Village Green Drive East found a hole about eight feet wide and six feet deep before sunrise Tuesday morning.

One resident said, “I think it happened around 2:30, 3:00 in the morning, when the storm came. It was a geyser. It shot straight up in the air.”

Another resident watched everything from her apartment.

She said, “It was loud, like lightning, and, then, we came to the window and I saw it just gushing up.”

Another resident said, “Because the water rushed down this way, and up in here, all these cars here got flooded.”


Zac Luper said water flowed back to cars next door at the Eastwyck Apartments.

Luper said his brother’s car got flooded up to the steering wheel.


Tavoris Harden, another resident of Eastwyck Apartments, said his apartment flooded.

The rug was soaked and there was water on the kitchen floor.

Harden said, “I heard a bunch of loud thundering and boom, boom, and, the next thing I know, my neighbor knocked on the door and he said, ‘Man, there’s water in my apartment.’ And, so, when I got ready to get up, my feet got soaked.”

A rainy night turned into a very wet morning.

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