Hail accumulation blamed for school flooding


Teachers, administrators, and work crews spent Tuesday morning cleaning up flood waters from inside Knollwood Christian School.

And wait until you hear what they believe caused the problem.

The principal said the school’s cafeteria had two inches of water in it.

He said water was in the gym lobby, and three classrooms and hallways were flooded, too.

Principal Scott Williams said when teachers and others were cleaning up, they found hail.

They believe it clogged up the drainage system.

When asked where he found the hail, Williams said, “Some of it is still up on the roof, and some of it even penetrated through the ceiling and fell down to the ground.”

That’s what Williams thinked clogged the drains.

The school held classes, and students stayed in the sanctuary while the cleanup took place.

Two businesses, Blue Rents and Sunbelt Rentals, donated cleanup equipment.

The principal said the school has insurance, but it can still use help from the public.


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