Going to a wedding? Here’s how to save:

 It’s not cheap to throw a wedding and it’s becoming more costly to be a guest, too.

American Express estimates more than 67 million Americans will attend at least one wedding this year. They say the average guest will spend $592 per wedding on travel, gifts and attire. That’s up 10% over last year.

How do you save and cut down on those costs?

An early start can help guests save on both gifts and on travel.

Reasonably priced gifts tend to be the first items snagged on a wedding registry. Also, consider sharing the cost of a big-ticket item with other guests.

Book plane tickets as soon as you RSVP and while a block of hotel rooms may be set aside for wedding guests, shop around to make sure it’s really the best deal in town.

You might have multiple weddings to go to and many of you ladies don’t want to wear the same outfit to each ceremony, especially in the age of social media. If that’s the case, consider picking up dresses for each occasion from one of the designer rental websites, rather than buying.

It’s an option brides might want to consider for wedding attendants too, since bridesmaids dresses rarely get a second wear.

And the increase in guests’ expenses also comes as the bride and groom pay more to create a fun experience for family and friends. A survey of last year’s weddings by Theknot.com found the average couple spent $220 dollars per guest on food, entertainment, and more.

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