Flooding sends storage building into street

Tuesday’s heavy rains caused some very unusual problems.

Rushing waters pushed a large storage building some fifty feet down alongside a ditch, and the building ended up in the middle of Vista Bonita Drive South.

What’s more, at least two homes in the area were reported flooded.


Its certainly not every day you see a big storage building sitting in the middle of the street.

But, Melissa Boyette said flood waters overnight from a ditch pushed her mother’s storage building some fifty feet from her yard into Vista Bonita Drive South.

It was a surprise discovery.

Boyette said, “My boyfriend’s son, texted us when he was going to the bus stop and told us a house was in the middle of the road.”

It looked like a small house.


The building floated off its foundation, but didn’t appear to be damaged.

When asked how far it floated, Boyette said, “All the way from there by that fence. It knocked down the fence and everything. I’m surprised it didn’t fall in the ditch.”


Across the street, flood waters knocked down Hamp Griffin’s fence, but, more importantly, flooded his home.

He said he heard a noise shortly after two this morning and awoke to find leaves on his floor.

His carpet was soaked, too.

Then, Griffin said he went to unlock his front door.

He said, “When I did, the water gushed in, hit the door and knocked me down on the carpet. It gushed in. It was probably a couple feet high then.”


Outside, you could see the water mark on Griffin’s wall.

Public works crews came to the scene and moved the storage building out of the street.

But, Griffin still has to finish cleaning up his home.

He said, “I mean, this is Cottage Hill: one of the highest places in Mobile and you don’t expect anything like that.”

The storage building was moved back to the owner’s property.

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