EMA: Monday night’s tornado sirens a false alarm

FOX10 News got several e-mails and phone calls about tornado sirens going off in Mobile County during Monday night’s severe thunderstorm, but those sirens were false alarms according to the EMA.

Mike Evans with Mobile County EMA said the sirens are only sounded when Mobile County is under a tornado warning, not a watch. He said, every now and then, an alarm can get set off by the weather.

He also said sometimes what sounds like an alarm my be the wind howling and Monday night, the Mobile County area experienced straight line winds along with lots of rain, lightning and some hail.

Tuesday morning, Evans said the EMA staff ran a system check on all the alarms. He said no staff members at the EMA facility set the alarms off last night.

“We got a pretty good clean bill this morning. Most of them came back with a message and said they are working so that’s good news for round two weather coming up this afternoon,” he said.

But don’t solely rely on tornado sirens which are designed for people to hear outdoors. Instead, make sure you have a weather radio and of course, tune into Fox10 News.

If you have a smart phone, you can download free apps like “Alert FM” and SAF-T-NET.

In the case of a tornado, take cover in the nearest building or home.

“The safest place is away from all doors and windows in the interior part of your house.”

And if you’re driving and see a tornado, Evans says get out of your car.

“You need to get out of that vehicle and go to an overpass if you’re near one. Worst case scenario if there’s a ditch, go get in that ditch,” Evans said.

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