AOL Email Breach

If you have an AOL email account, log on and change your password and your security question today. The company is confirming an email breach that has resulted in “spoofed” emails from about 2% of AOL accounts. Spoofing is when a spammer sends out emails using your email address in the from field, so it looks like it’s from you. AOL is worried some users’ personal information could be exposed.

Google says it’s turned a corner in its pursuit of a car that can drive itself. The man in charge of the tech giant’s project wrote in a blog that test vehicles are becoming far more skilled at driving, which is more difficult because of jaywalkers and bicyclists. Google wants to get its technology to the public by 2017.

And, Microsoft has a bundle of original programming set to hit the Xbox, kicking off in June. Twelve projects are included in the deal, with six being committed and six in development. The content, called Xbox Originals, includes documentaries, reality shows, sci-fi, concerts, dramas and comedies. The content is intended to represent the different audience represented by an Xbox gaming community.

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