Mobile Co. EMA: ‘always be diligent’ with severe weather

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mobile County Emergency Management Association officials are standing by for severe weather outbreaks, April 28.

“We’ve have several conference calls. We had one this afternoon with the national weather service. They were giving us the latest on what they think the weather is going to do,” said Deputy Director Michael Evans.

Evans is prepared along with the rest of Mobile County EMA in case of severe weather working closely with county and city governments to ensure proper procedures are in place…with safety as a number one priority. The biggest concern: flooding.

“We’ve had a lot of rain the last month and what’s happened, the actual water table…we’ve got a lot of water just sitting around. When we get a lot of rain, it has no where to go. We have certain areas in north mobile that flood about being prepared for anything that could happen later on,” said Evans.

Evans said there are several ways to keep up to date with severe weather…from your smartphone apps to watching the news.

“You guys do an outstanding job putting out what’s going on. The weather radios. A lot of citizens have those, if they have them turn them on and listen to them. The big thing is just be diligent. Most of our citizens that live here know how quick the weather changes. Just be prepared,” said Evans.

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