Baldwin County preps for storms

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – With the memory of the heavy rains of two weeks ago still fresh in the minds of many in Baldwin County, Emergency Management officials were busy preparing for the storms heading in Tuesday morning.

“For Baldwin County, the impacts are going to be the possibility of an isolated tornado, the possibility of straight line winds, heavy rainfall, which leads to flash flooding,” Mitchell Sims, director of Baldwin County EMA, said.

Sims said because the ground is still so saturated from the nearly 10 inches of rain that fell in various spots around the county, their biggest concern is for flooding in the county.

“Two weeks ago, we received upwards of nine and ten inches along the Eastern Shore. So you stack four to six more inches of rain on top of that, then we finally find ourselves with flooding issues,” Sims said.

Fox10 also caught up with residents in Fairhope, an area that saw several inches last time.

“The main thing we’ve been doing in the last several weeks is emergency repairs. We’ve been grouting boxes, the inside of storm drain boxes, trying to make sure they’re not leaking. We’ve had a roadway almost fall through on one of our streets,” Jennifer Fidler, director of public works, said.

Fidler said they may have faired better had the rain been a bit more spaced out.

“We can get four inches of rain in a six hour period and we can be fine,” Fidler said. “We just can’t get those seven and a half inches in those four hour periods, four and a half hours. That’s just an incredible amount of rain that tears up our infrastructure.

It was a major problem for some residents who live near some low areas.

“The problems that we have in this particular section of Fairhope are pretty drastic. The water comes down in great force and there’s usually a lot of it because we have a long distance and we’re downhill, a good bit downhill,” resident Stewart Gibert said.

The city added gravel and speed bumps along North Mobile Street to slow the flow of water. They also put in a rock berm at the bottom of the hill to redirect the water toward the bay.

As for the rest of the county, no classes have been cancelled as of Monday night.

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