MPD: 15-year-old hospitalized, 18-year-old arrested for spice

Malcolm Jerome Nichols, 18, is facing a felony charge for allegedly giving spice (synthetic marijuana) to a 15-year old last Wednesday, April 23.

Police say the 15-year old girl was picked up from Baker High School and went to an off campus location where they believe she smoked marijuana analog, also known as Spice. Investigators say the juvenile showed effects of an overdose after smoking. They said she had extreme difficulty breathing, felt her throat was closing, was vomiting and had chest pains.

“This is something we don’t take lightly especially in the light that Mr. Nicholas left the juvenile victim when she was severely ill. We’re just thankful nothing worse happened to her,” said Ashley Rains with the Mobile Police Department.

The 15-year old was rushed to the hospital and will be okay.

On Friday, April 25, Nichols was arrested and charged with sale, furnishing, etc., of controlled substances by persons over age 18 to persons under age 18,which is a class A felony.

“We’re still investigating and of course we encourage students or parents that may know if this individual or anyone else was distributing spice on the Baker High School campus or any other Mobile area campus that they would give us a call,” Rains said.

The Mobile Police Department is calling the recent spike in spice cases is an epidemic and some students are paying attention.

“It could ruin your life. Just one time you could die from doing it just one time,” one teen said.

Another said it’s a “wake up call.”

“We’re losing our children. We can talk about how bad it is but we need the resources. The councilors need to get in, the principals need to get in,” Ashley Davis said. “Let’s figure out what we’re going to do to help these children.”

Fox10 News reached out to the Mobile County Public School System about what programs are in place to address this spice epidemic as police are calling it.

We will let you know what we learn. In the meantime, anyone with any information about the sale, use or possession of “spice” should contact police.

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