USA President responds to campus sex assault investigation

Credit: University of South Alabama
Credit: University of South Alabama

Saturday, FOX10News interviewed new University of South Alabama President Tony Waldrup on the investigation into an alleged sexual assault and abduction of a female student from the USA campus.  Friday, USA Campus Police, assisted by the Mobile Police Department arrested 24 year-old Jawaun Dawson, a former USA student and charged him with the crime.  He remains in the Mobile Metro Jail under $180,000 bond.

Saturday morning, Dr. Waldrup and his wife were among many USA personnel and students who participated in the “JaguarsCare National Day of Service” by volunteering their time and efforts at several agencies and places in Mobile where help was needed by many non-profit agencies in the city.

We caught up with Dr. Waldrup at the Mobile Bay Area Food Bank and asked him about safety concerns on campus.

“As terrible as this incident was, I really believe that in today’s society that it is difficult to have an absolutley perfectly safe environment,” said Dr. Waldrup in an exclusive interview with Fox10News. “I certainly would not like to see Universities as a place that we lock up and people can’t go inside.  To me, that defeats it.  But, having said that, we want to do everything we can to make the environment we are living in as safe as possible.”

Fox10News asked Dr. Waldrup if he intends to pressure USA campus police to ramp up their presence on campus.   “Security is like so many things that are important, that if you feel like you have the perfect security, you’re deceiving yourself,”he said. “You always want to make it better, and with technology changes, we don’t know exactly what the future might hold in terms of increase in security.  But, we certainly will be keeping up with all that.”

Dr. Waldrup added his administration meets with police each year to look at the University of South Alabama’s safety policies.

In the meantime, USA students can, in case of an emergency, dial 5-1-1 and that number will connect you directly with campus police.

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