BPD: Bay Minette man smokes spice, acts disorderly, dies

BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WALA) – Bay Minette Police confirm 38-year-old Victor Brown died early Sunday morning after smoking spice, April 27.

Police say that Brown’s bizarre behavior prompted his family to dial 911. The story is a testament to how dangerous the drug is, and how easy it is get.

Relatives told FOX10 News on Sunday Brown bought the spice for $10. He was trying it for the very first time.

“When I got that call, I just couldn’t believe it,” said cousin Paulena Anderson.

“We lost a very good person due to the spice. It’s just a very devastating day,” said sister-in-law Sylathea Grace.

On Sunday at Brown’s home in Bay Minette, family members gathered to remember a man they say never touched spice until Saturday night.

“Tried it one time. One time. They said he hit it about two or three times and just lost it. Just one thing he tried. He tried it one time and it couldn’t handle his body,” said Anderson.

“It’s just sad. He left behind six kids. Just a good person. Never met any strangers. Nice and friendly. I don’t think he had any enemies,” said Grace.

But spice does not discriminate…and the drug is being blamed for more and more deaths in our area.

“When I arrived, they already had him on the stretcher. He was actually trying to get up. He was saying what’s wrong with me. Stuff of that nature. Cussing,” said Grace.

“He passed out saying I believe in Jesus. I believe in Jesus Christ. He was talking about God,” said Anderson.

Brown leaves behind six children.

“We are talking about a father. All he did was go to work and home so they are used to seeing their dad every day. I hope this is a wake-up call for everyone,” said Grace.

“If ya’ll know somebody that’s on it, try to help them, please. It’s killing people. It’s deadly,” said Anderson.

“It has hit so close…I hope that anybody that is smoking it just let it go. Let it go,” said Grace.

Bay Minette Police are still investigating the events leading up to Brown’s death. FOX10 News will let you know when the coroner releases his report.

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