Woman slapped and pushed by road rage suspect

A Silverhill woman told FOX10 News she was pushed and slapped by another driver after what she called a bout of road rage.  It happened Wednesday night, April 23, 2014 at the intersection of Highways 181 and 104 in Baldwin County.  She claimed it happened when she confronted him and police are hoping you can help find the suspect.

“Before I even had a chance to react, he open hand, full face, right across the left side of my face…slapped me so hard that my glasses fell off out into the road,” said Brandie Moore.

Moore recounted a scary and violent encounter with another motorist Wednesday night.  She said it all started when she passed him headed south on Highway 181 where the road narrows from a four lane down to two.

“I think it upset him that I passed him.  I’m not entirely sure, but when we got further down the road he still got close behind me so I break checked him and he swerved to miss my car,” explained Moore.

Moore said this continued until she came to the red light at the intersection of Highway 104.  That’s when the suspect stopped behind her and approached her car.

“I put the car in park.  I’m undoing the seatbelt. I get out and by the time I’m like this, he’s already right here and that’s when he grabs me and he’s yelling at me.  He shoves me with his hand on my face and a hand on my arm. He shoves me back into the car like this,” Moore demonstrated.

That’s when Moore said the suspect slapped her and got back in a small blue car with a female passenger and left the scene headed south on 181.  Moore and a witness to the incident filed a report with Fairhope Police who are investigating. So far, there are no leads and police are hoping there may be more witnesses that will come forward.

“Now that it’s getting some publicity, there may be other witnesses who will come forward. There’s always the possibility that someone who knows the suspect or has knowledge of what happened will come forward,” said Sergeant Craig Sawyer with the Fairhope Police Department.

Looking back on the situation Moore said that she reacted emotionally and she wishes that she would have handled things differently.

“Just keep driving or go a different route home until you can call the police if you can’t find a safer place…a well lit area because that was my mistake.  That’s what I should
have done and I was walking distance from a well lit area and I didn’t do it,” Moore said.

If caught, the suspect will face a charge of harassment which includes the acts of kicking, pushing, shoving or striking another person.

There were no traffic cameras in the area to help identify the suspect’s vehicle, so Fairhope Police are asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident Wednesday night to give them a call.



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