USA kidnapping suspect previously kicked off campus

Jawaun Maurice Dawson, 24, is locked up in Mobile Metro Jail accused of kidnapping and assaulting a USA college student Wednesday, April 23 and it’s not Dawson’s first time in trouble with the law.

The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office said Dawson pleaded guilty to stealing one woman’s purse and another woman’s laptop on USA’s campus when he was a student there three years ago. USA police say Dawson was kicked off USA’s campus in 2011 and was out of jail on probation when he held a student at gunpoint Wednesday. “We make decisions on hundreds of thousands of cases it’s hard to say what an individual is going to do but there are times when we see somebody go from a misdemeanor like this to something much more serious,” said Mobile CountyChief Assistant DA Deborah Tillman.

Tillman says there’s a possibility there may be other victims but that’s part of an ongoing investigation with the Mobile Police Department and USAPD. “If there are more victims we want to hear from them and they will prosecute those cases to the fullest extent of the law,” Tillman said.

Dawson is charged with kidnapping, sexual abuse, sodomy and robbery. USA Police say Dawson didn’t know the victim and they don’t know why he was on campus. Police tracked him down when they say he used the victim’s credit card at a local business.

Dawson was assigned $180K cash bond and his probation officer has a hold on him.“He will not be released from jail. Anytime an individual is on probation, if they commit a new offense then a probation officer can place a hold on that individual and that’s happened,” Tillman said.

Mobile Police obtained a warrant and searched Dawson’s parent’s home Friday but wouldn’t tell Fox10 News what they were looking for.

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