USAPD: Sexual assault suspect is former USA student

Some questions about the circumstances surrounding an alleged sexual assault on the USA Campus in Mobile are being answered.


Jawaun Dawson appeared for a bond hearing Friday morning before Judge Joe Basenburg.

He was given a bond of $180,000.

Before going back to jail, Dawson shook his head, and wiped his glasses.


USA Police Chief Zeke Aull held a news conference on campus Friday morning.

He said, “We still have a case that’s moving forward.”

Aull said his officers, along with Mobile Police, arrested Dawson about 12:45 Friday morning.

He said, “We obtained some of our video footage yesterday, yesterday afternoon. And, there’s a process of putting it all together and communicating with the district attorneys office and others to be able to go and get that person”

Aull said Dawson was arrested at the Family Place Apartments in 3600 Block of Michael Boulevard, but that’s not where he lives.

He said, “We went to the last known address, and, unfortunately, he wasn’t there, which led us to another address, so, we went to that address, and, again, we find him outside by his car.


What was his reaction?

Aull said, “I think he was very surprised: very, very surprised.”

Aull said Dawson did not know the victim, but that he used her credit card in what he called an off-campus convenience establishment he didn’t want to identify.

He said, “We went to the location where that card was used. They were very helpful (and) gave up that video to us, and we immediately recognized him.”

Aull said police recognized him because USA officers had arrested Dawson before on a felony theft charge when Dawson was a student.


Aull said he doesn’t know why Dawson was on campus at the time of the crime.

As for the victim, he said, “Our victim was key in making this happen. Our victim is fine, and that’s all I really want to say about our victim.

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