Apple’s IOS Update Glitch

Video streaming is where it’s at, and original content is king. Now, HBO has an exclusive deal with Amazon. The streaming giant says it’s sealed a multi-year deal with HBO to bring the premium channel’s award winning content  to its Amazon Prime video service. The first HBO shows will appear on Prime starting May 21st. Included in the deal  are hit series like “The Wire,” “Six Feet Under,” “The Sopranos,” and “Rome”, as well as select seasons of “Boardwalk Empire,” and “True Blood.”  The new content will also be available on Amazon’s recently announced set-top box, Fire TV, later this year.

Good news for Apple fans: The tech giant plans to add more stores. Apple says it will triple its retail store count over the next two years. As of the end of December, Apple had four hundred twenty stores, including two hundred fifty-four in the U.S.

Speaking of Apple, the company’s latest iPhone fix may be broken. The latest operating system software update was pushed to customers this week, but some users say it’s “bricked” their phone meaning it wont turn on. When that happens, iPhone users have to run a complete restore on the phone and that causes them to lose all their pictures, apps and other personal information. Reports indicate the problem occurs when installing the updates using wi-fi. Plugging in for an update appears to avoid the glitch.

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