The Originals: A Closer Walk with Thee

Things are getting a little spooky on The Originals April 29th! Some of the things happening on The Vampire Diaries are affecting the spin-off in a big way!

Thanks to the Travelers on The Vampire Diaries, one baddie will wreak havoc on our New Orleans folk: Mikael Mikaelson! We hear Mikael say, “Greetings, boy” to Klaus in an assumed dream. Klaus isn’t happy with the turn of events saying, “My father is literally mocking me from beyond the grave. The spirit world is crumbling.” But Klaus isn’t the only one having nightmares involving Mikael. Hayley experiences some trauma when it appears Mikael is biting her neck. “I’m dreaming,” she says. “This is a nightmare.” The terrifying part occurs when Mikael says, “On the contrary, this is very real.” Afterwards, Hayley lays on the ground, covered in blood. Then comes the screaming.

Tune in to CW55 April 29th at 7pm to see what happens!




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