See it before you buy it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see how cabinets or flooring would look in your home before you make a big purchase? It’s nice to be able to see hard wood in the store, but is that finish going to look good once it’s on the ground? Don Williams, owner of American Flooring and Cabinets takes us to his daughter’s home to show us some of the latest looks in “The House that American Flooring and Cabinets Built.”


  • Purchase a hardwood Floor for a room in your house and receive 40% off an area room rug to compliment the décor.
  • Tuscany Maple Cabinetry with Golden Sparkle Granite and Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring, $18,800* with 12 months same as cash financing (Price is for cabinets installed in a typical 12 x 12 kitchen, up to 90 sf of Golden Sparkle granite, tumbled travertine 3 x 6 subway tile backsplash, and 144 square feet of 5″ wide strand woven bamboo. Does not include vent hood cover, vent hood, or any other appliances).
  • $29 Carpet Install
  • 12×10 Kitchen Cabinets $1600 (plus freight)
  • 12 months free financing

American Flooring and Cabinets Locations:
1050 W I-65 Service Rd S
(251) 344-9773

Gulf Shores:
3845 Gulf Shores Parkway
(251) 967-1700

5600 N Davis Hwy
(850) 484-8888

Hours of Operation: 8 to 8…So Don’t Be Late!

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