Apple’s IOS 7.1.1 Update

Apple has launched a new IOS update, designed to get rid of a few bugs in the company’s mobile operating system.  The IOS 7.1.1 update improves the fingerprint recognition sysytem, so unlocking the phone with your fingertip is easier. It also fixes a bug that could make keyboards less responsive. In all the update fixes 19 security flaws. To get the update,  go to your settings app. Then go to general > software update. Or you can connect your phone to your computer, and select “check for updates” in iTunes.

AOL mail has been hacked, and several users say their accounts are being used to send spam. Some of those messages contain a link that could lead to malware or viruses being installed on the recipients’ computer. Although AOL has confirmed the hack, it is unknown how widespread it is. The company is imposing a stricter email validation process. Users should change their passwords, as well as refrain from opening links.

And, Google Street View is now letting you travel back in time. The internet giant has added a new feature to its street view maps. Now you can look at past street view images dating back to 2007 on the desktop version of Google maps. Google says the new time lapse feature will allow you to see how places have changed over time, including the Freedom Tower in New York City and the World Cup Stadium in Brazil.

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