Hurricane resistant model home in Gulf Shores

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) -From the outside, there’s a model home in Gulf Shores that doesn’t look much different than any other nice home. But unlike a traditional wood home which uses about 9000 pounds of materials in the outside walls, this home is built a good bit sturdier.

PHOTOS: Hurricane resistant model home built

Riji Dixon, CEO of the Gulf Shores company Defender Technologies told us, “With the Defender protective wall system were not 9,000 pounds. We’re 165,000 pounds. Basically a fortress. The minimum rate on this house is 200-plus.”


Each exterior wall of this home is a sandwich of concrete board, insulating foam, and poured concrete reinforced with steel rods. The model FOX10 News toured Wednesday was the first home built by Defender Technologies. A second home, being built now at Craft farms shows the concrete shell in construction. Dixon said the cost is comparable with a traditional home, but the benefits of the solid construction are numerous.

He demonstrated by taking a 1200 degree blowtorch to the concrete board, “We’ve burned this probably about 100 times. It will not catch fire,” Dixon said


There’s also insurance benefits. Dixon told us the model home’s insurance is under $2000 dollars a year, less than half of comparable homes in the area. Another benefit is energy efficiency. The home isn’t being lived in full-time, but it is being used as an office daily and the electricity bill averages around $50.

The concrete wall technology could also provide protection from man-made destruction in dangerous parts of the world. George Williams, who handles governmental affairs with the company, said the walls could be made even thicker to armor important buildings.

“All future embassies even on military bases in the United States and overseas, it should be this material,” Williams said.


At Defender they say they’ll provide training for any contractor that would like to use the system and once the exterior walls are up, the inside of a home can be configured any way a customer wants.

if you’d like to learn more about Defender Technologies or perhaps look into the system for your next home check out their website.

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