Spice addict speaks out, warns users

FOX10 News continues to take a closer look at what local doctors are calling a major uptick in patients having a severe reaction to smoking Spice, also known as synthetic marijuana.

Daniel Blankenberg, 20, says he was a spice addict and wants to warn users of the harrowing effects of the drug.

“If I smoked it I felt literally crazy. If I didn’t have it, I felt 10 times worse,’ said Blankenberg.

Blankenberg says he has hit rock bottom on the drug.

” I didn’t care about myself. I’d go without eating, I’d go without changing clothes without showering I just didn’t care. I didn’t have no respect for myself not anybody else,’ said Blankenberg.

He says he was arrested for possession of spice and had a near death experience after totaling his girlfriend’s car while high on the drug.

“I went and got me some mojo I was driving down the road and I just passed out driving. Flipped the car six times and woke up ten days later in ICU in a coma,” said Blankenberg.

Doctor Trey Simms at Springhill Hospital says he’s been busy with patients just like Blankenberg who end up in the emergency room after using the drug. He says many of those patients going into a hallucinogenic rage.

“They require multiple people to hold them down and they’re screaming, trying to fight and just other people here and have been doing that out in the public,” Dr. Simms said.

Simms says recently, there’s been an increase in patients admitted after using the drug.

“This is the worst we’ve seen because it’s so often and the reactions are so severe. Formerly we’d see one or two a week. Now we’re seeing four or five a day,” Dr. Simms explains.

Simms says the patients have been between 18 to 30 and believes the public, specifically parents, need to be aware.

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