Chief Barber: Spice outbreak an epidemic

Mobile Police Chief James Barber released a statement regarding two recent deaths in possible connection to Spice, on Tuesday evening, April 22.

“We’ve noticed an uptick in medical emergencies that were being dispatched by us which would cause us to take a look at it a little bit further,” said Chief Barber.

He did just that calling Dr. Bill Admire at Mobile Infirmary. He said over the past two weeks, they have seen numerous patients with spice-related overdoses or medical emergencies related to the use of spice.

“From there, we contacted our homicide and we are investigating two cases that we’ve not been able to confirm yet, but the detectives believe it is spice related as well,” said Barber.

Within the past two days, four students from Baker High School were transported to local hospitals, also with possible, and plausible, connections to spice-related illnesses. Chief Barber said it appears spice was involved with those cases as well. He said that is what sparked his investigation.

Chief Barber said even though he has not been able to get forensics to confirm the cause of the deaths, he felt is important enough to get the notice out to the public.

Chief Barber told FOX10 News in a phone interview Tuesday night he would consider this outbreak an epidemic.

FOX10 News reached out to the Mobile County Health Department on Monday. A response is expected to come Wednesday, along with more information from the narcotics team with the Mobile Police Department.

FOX10 News was first alerted of this uptick in cases last Friday. We are continuing to follow the story for you. Michael Brannon and Candace Murphy will have the latest on FOX10 News tonight at 9 p.m.

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