Mobile Police investigate two deaths, possibly related to ‘Spice’


The Mobile Police Department is investigating an unusually high number of cases where numerous patients have been admitted to area hospitals due to life-threatening side effects of what appears to be Marijuana Analog, also known as Spice.

Police say at least two of these cases resulted in death and are currently under investigation. Spice is believed to be causing cardiac-related issues as well as hallucinations to those who use it. In the past two weeks, local hospitals have seen patients from a wide variety of demographics with these severe symptoms.

Spice, or Mojo, comes in a variety of packaging and the substance looks similar to marijuana – a green, leafy plant. The chemical agent with which this material is being treated has yet to be identified and is believed to be the cause of the life-threatening side effects. Investigators say efforts are underway to trace the source of the drug and to assess the magnitude of the situation.

Recovering spice addict speaks out, warns users

Mobile Police investigators are currently reaching out to area hospital emergency rooms and local doctors. Anyone with information about the drug is asked to contact Mobile Police.

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