Byrne tours Brookley

Congressman Bradley Byrne took a brief tour of the Mobile Brookley Aeroplex on Tuesday, April 22, noting the progress of construction to Airbus and other infrastructure.

In a press conference following his tour, Byrne said Brookley has “a world class vision.” He told FOX10 News he was most impressed with how well, and how quickly, things were coming together at the site.

While Airbus may be the anchor of Brookley’s re-vitalization, he said there is much more coming along with it.

“The partnership between this airport authority and Airbus in the partnership between the airport authority in this community. And this partnership between the airport authority in this region I think is unique from what my experiences. I’m very grateful to the airport authority for that vision and for the fact that they’re implementing,” said Congressman Byrne.

Executive Director Roger Wehner said the re-vitalization of Brookley will include green spaces, restaurants, and more. The facilities will accommodate not only those working there, but also the surrounding community.

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